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Fiji: Yes the South Pacific has been in the top of the list for quite some time now. I have found deals with this part of the world. Go to sleep on the plane – wake up in paradise. The Republic of the Fiji Islands is an island nation in the Southerly Pacific. East of Vanuatu, west of Tonga and Tuvalu to the southerly, it occupies about 322 islands.

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One spot in Fiji which I have paid close attention too is Nadi. The third major conurbation in Fiji, it is located on the western side of the key island. The snorkeling and scuba diving is outstanding — the color of the water is like no other, and the culture, interesting and colorful – certainly, you are really on the other side on the planet. You can take ferries to the Mamanuca Group of islands along with experiencing the mud-flat seashores. If you want to book a romantic holiday for your honeymoon in Fiji, you might like to visit

Hawaii. It must fall on any list of places to go. Made up of hundreds of island destinations spread over wide area, your Hawaii has recently been a sod after area for families, honeymooners and everybody else looking to enjoy its acclimate weather and its lush seashores, not to mention their bewildering gold, red and black sands

Australia. Australia is a beautiful and diverse English-speaking country. With its over 2.9 million square miles of land, Australia is filled with history, under the sea treasures and, for the nature lover, some of the most amazing creatures to ever roam the wild. If you're a wine lover or the one which occasionally enjoys a nice glass, Australia, with its average temperature of 67F (19C), has some of the world's best Chardonnay. Take a journey through the great history and architecture of Sydney Opera House. With dimensions of 605 foot long and about 388 feet wide, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has held some of the most sought after locations on the globe.