Cricket Uniforms for UAE Kids

The demand for cricket uniforms in Dubai is huge and it is evident from the constant growth in the number of teams that are registered with Dubai Sports Trade Commission. These teams consist of both professional and domestic players and their aim is to represent the city of Dubai in the best possible manner. Some of the most prominent teams are listed below:

This team was one of the very first teams to sign up with Dubai Sports Trade Commission and they are still playing at the Dubai World Cup 2021. This cricket team is led by Shashank Manohar and includes players like Abubaker Butt, Sameer Amin, Harleen Banjara, Sohail Tanvir, and Mumbai Indians player Sameer Karzai. The coach of this team is Mushtaq Ahmed. Recently, Shashank Manohar was named the Man of the Year by the Dubai Sports Club. This is one of the many teams in Dubai that are managed by the Dubai Sports Council and they are managed by Shashank Manohar.

This team was one of the very first teams to play in the Dubai Cricket Association (DAC) league and they have enjoyed great success since they were first started in the league. This team plays in the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, which is the ground that is used for all the matches played by the entire Dubaiis. They are lead by Captain Mustafa bin Zayed Al Maktoum. The most prominent player on the team is striker Azhar Mohammed. Azhar has scored two goals from three games that have been played and the team is currently leading by a score of 4-1.

This team was one of the very first to be signed up with the Dubai Sports Trade Commission and they are yet to lose a match. This is an all-girls cricket team, and all their players are from the young age group. This is the main team that plays cricket in Dubai and they are led by their captain Zahara Baba Al-Rabie. Zahara is also one of the oldest players in the Dubai cricket scene.

Another team that has gained a lot of popularity in Dubai is the UAE Women's Cricket team. This team plays their home matches at the Al Hamma stadium which is a synthetic turf. Their fans go to watch their matches at this venue because it is the only one that is built with artificial turf. This makes it one of the favorite venues for matches between international teams and even for domestic games. These cricket uniforms for women are provided by a company called Silversea and they are manufactured by the company named Silversea.

The last team to be mentioned in the above list is the Dubai Kids' Select team. This team plays their matches at the Al Hajar Sports Complex, which is also a synthetic turf. The most notable player for this team is Australian player Ashley Fryden. She is one of the younger players on the team and she looks extremely well in her uniform.