How Can You Transfer Money Overseas Online?

While your grandparents might think it to be unsafe to send money overseas through any other medium other than banks, you have got to siphon off a little of your earning abroad and send it to them via the internet to make them believe it. 

There are two major types of online money transfer services that can help you to transfer money overseas. If you want to explore regarding transfer money overseas, visit

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Western Union

Western Union is an international company that allows an individual to send money overseas within a few minutes. Here, overseas is symbolic of any country in the world. Western Union has a million agents in over 200 countries. When you make a transaction via western union, you are obliged to show your proof of identity. 


Moneygram is an international company albeit it is not as big a company like Western Union. It has agents in over 180 territories and is cheaper than Western Union. You can avail of the benefits of having money transfer overseas from its post office branches. 


The onset of online means of money transfer oversea does not tarnish the credibility of the traditional ways of transferring money. High street banks offer a plethora of services that allow people to transfer money overseas with ease. The prices of such transfers are likely to vary from one country to another and on how quickly you want the money to reach the receiver. 


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