3 Things To Consider When Adding A New Third Party Logistics Warehouse

Setting up a warehouse is a tedious exercise. The first factor to consider is the sourcing of a suitable location that fits into your overall distribution strategy. As a business that is focused on customer satisfaction, you may want to be closer to your target markets which could mean constructing several warehouses which are closer to high consumption areas.

You can utilize a third party logistics warehouse in Canada to manage the fulfillment of your supply chain. A professional 3PL warehouse will customize its set up to your needs in a matter of days and assist you with a quicker implementation of a new warehouse location.

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1) Warehouse location and selection

This is the first step towards setting up your distribution network. Ideally, your warehouse needs to be as close to your customers as possible and in a location that is easily accessible for your goods to be delivered and distributed. 

2) Procurement and installation

Another important element when setting up a new storage house is procuring and installing the right equipment and operational assets. It is ideal to review their prices; procurement and set-up lead times before you decide which is the best equipment and operational asset option for your business. 

3) Process Design

Designing the ideal processes within a warehouse can be quite complicated and takes time. An expert provider of 3PL warehouse services designs logical sequences to maintain minimal movement within the warehouse by using several well-established principles for any particular type of operation. 


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