Find Perfect Mediterranean Diet Online

Most Mediterranean foods are known as cuisine that have evolved for centuries, especially in sixteen countries that surround the Mediterranean. These main countries that affect the evolution of food are South Greece, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. These countries are characterized by a longer life period of their people and lower heart disease and cancer. You can find Mediterranean food via


Basic Mediterranean diet

Many Mediterranean foods contain complex carbohydrates, lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, pasta, rice and many other grains. Because the Mediterranean countries have access to the sea, fish are popular but because of fishing, their use is rather angry a little now. Wine also often occurs but in a lower or moderate amount and all the food is cooked in olive oil. Besides providing your own food. Olive oil is also considered a therapeutic in nature and is naturally free of cholesterol which reduces the risk of heart disease.

Typical Mediterranean food

Usually, food will begin with appetizers, for example maroccon olive salad or turkey doll wine leaves. If the season is right sometimes filling Mediterranean soup such as severe fafa bean soup from Sicily or pasta soup from Greece along with unprocessed bread can make the whole meal. Bread is often served and the popular bread is olive bread from Cyprus or sesame bread from Egypt.