Bike Wheel Types – The Right Wheel For Your Cycling Lifestyle

Not every biker is unique and they have different needs and goals to ride a bicycle. Some people ride their bicycles to serve as a substitute for a car while some drive them for sports or for racing.

Knowing the type of bicycle wheels allows you to maximize your bicycle while ensuring that your cycling needs are fulfilled efficiently. You can also buy “High profile 40mm” (also known asHigh Profil 40mm in the German language) for your bicycle.


Mountain bike wheels

Among the most common types of bicycle wheels is a mountain bike wheel designed for mountain bikes. They usually have a 26-inch rim which is often a standard size for mountain bikes and they have also determined tires.

However, you can also find it now in the Tubeless variant. However, mountain bike wheels contain low air pressure so they can absorb better shocks. This wheel is suitable for off-road cycling which usually consists of steep climbing, traces of land, unpaved roads, etc.

For racing and action

There are also types of bicycle wheels that are suitable for more rough conditions including racing action and needs. For action and leap, the ideal wheel for use is the BMX wheel can give you more pressure and shock absorption to support your movements and turn. On the other hand, there are lighter racing wheels so you can turn quickly through various racing tracks. The wheel of the driver is also aerodynamic and thinner and slimmer. There are many companies like riddox from where you can get bicycle wheels.

Buy according to usage

In addition to your ride style, it is important to match the bicycle wheels with the type of bicycle you have. That way, you can ensure that your bicycle can perform well for you as a mode of transportation, for racing, or to ride on a rough road.

Lighter wheels are the lower drag problems you meet so you can paddle easily. Meanwhile, buy a bicycle wheel that is stronger and thicker if you want to drive or if you need to let the bike pass a rough road.