Private Property Listings In South Africa

At some point, many us will need to sell, or rent out private property so that we can find a buyer or renter for our house, flat, farm, or the like.

We all have our preferences in this regard and some will opt for the help of an estate agent whilst others will try to do it on their own. Whichever way you choose to go about this article will explain some of the options and considerations relevant to each choice. There are many companies that offer assistance to buy land in Senegal also known as “achat terrain Senegal” in French language like my afric

Estate agents are the first choice for many. If you would like to take a fairly 'hands-off' approach to the whole process of selling or renting out your property then this is probably the best choice for you.

You will need to make a decision about which agent to use and this is often done based on 'word of mouth' recommendations from friends and family.

Speak to family members who have recently had dealings with an agent and ask for information about how much the agent charged, whether the agent was available to take calls and assist when needed, and anything else that might be of interest to you.

Once you have decided on an agent you will be asked to show the agent the property so photos can be taken for advertising and online listings.

The agent will also obtain basic information about the property such as the price range and availability. Once the agent has listed the property you will be asked to make the property available for prospective buyers and sellers on inspection days. Make sure that you are dealing with a licensed real estate agent and that you get a written copy of your fee agreement with the agent.